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  • Program Name

    Strategic Marketing: Planning, Development & Implementation

  • Duration

    5 days


Marketing is about matching what customers want and are willing to pay for with what companies are capable of producing, so both benefit. This sounds far simpler than it is in practice. Strategic marketing identifies and utilizes an organization’s competitive advantage in its current and future markets, to determine the best resource allocation and activities, to create mutually beneficial value for itself and its customers.

Strategic Marketing training course will be on the major strategic and planning decisions marketing executives face as they link business objectives and resources with opportunities in the marketplace. A practical framework and real case studies will be used to illustrate how to implement marketing principles. Participants will develop market-oriented thinking to enable the company to become a winner in its markets. They will carefully analyze customer needs and marketplace opportunities, define target audiences and create offers competitors will struggle to match.


  • Identify market segments, select target markets and forecast demand
  • Develop marketing strategies to defend market share, grow market share, or expand the total market
  • Develop, test and launch new products and services
  • Manage products and services at different stages of the product life cycle
  • Develop and implement integrated marketing communication programmes that persuade audiences to buy
  • Evaluate marketing activities and demonstrate return on investment and value delivered to the organization