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  • Program Name

    Digital Business Leadership

  • Duration

    5 days


Having a very well thought through, systematic and interesting social media presence is now a basic requirement for big corporations. The world has changed significantly because of connectivity among people, improved internet speeds, affordable technologies and 24/7 rolling news. There has also been an umbrella shift in the customer mindset. People are savvier, much more exposed to other offers and they are able to search online for what is out there globally, regardless of brand and nationality. Organizations now need digitally-savvy leaders and employees to remain relevant and keep their customers. We need deep data-driven understanding of our marketplace, meaningful relationships through online communications and offers that drive retention and loyalty.

The Digital Business Leadership Training Course explores emerging best practices in social media and digital leadership, encouraging delegates to identify the blocks and opportunities for introducing digital transformation into their organization.


  • Assessing digital technologies and identifying those that will help the organization address marketplace challenges and customer needs
  • Introducing digital technologies into the organization with the support of leadership and so they are accepted by employees
  • Using social media and digital to resolve customer problems and build conversations and on-going relationships around brand, products and service
  • Developing deep customer and employee insights through analysis of digital data
  • Managing brand identity and reputation online through marketing and PR campaigns that deliver business benefits
  • Engaging employees through social media and building a collaborative and high performance internal culture
  • Effectively measuring digital outcomes and demonstrating the benefits to leadership.