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  • Program Name

    Customer-Centric Selling Master Class

  • Duration

    5 days


In an age where Social Media ‘Likes’ can go around the world in mere seconds, it has never been more important to ensure the Customer’s Experience is a winning one.  Indeed, Customer Experience is the crucial component in modern Brand Equity, without it, you fail.  Customer-centricity demands that the way we approach, communicate and deal with customer’s changes and places the focus squarely on the customer and his/her needs. It is an interesting fact that no one likes being sold to, and yet, most people like to buy.  It has long puzzled Sales Managers why some salespeople are effortlessly effective and yet others struggle and fail.  To answer this question, a significant amount of research has been done on what makes some salespeople more effective than others.  Much of this research turns ‘conventional wisdom’ about what makes a good salesman, on its head. training workshop is based on the outcomes of this research. This approach is based on the use of high gain situational questioning techniques to uncover real value and facilitate the creation of compelling value statements. It discovers the true meaning of value and how it can be created, captured (and also, destroyed).


  • Understand the differences in the ‘so-so’ sales performers and the very best-in-class
  • Emulate the best practices as revealed in the research and contained in the Consultative Selling Model
  • Have an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the 3 guiding principles to effective selling approaches and process
  • Understand and be able to implement a proven process for how to conduct an effective sales call
  • Enhance and improve their fundamental selling skills
  • Overcome ‘stuck’ sales situations and improve the skills of advancing sales situations to include exploring consequences and payoffs.
  • Understand how to understand and compellingly communicate real value, rather than just hopeful feature-dumping
  • Understand how a product can be made compelling and relevant to even the most diffident customer
  • Gain an awareness of how attitude and beliefs can impact your sales cycle