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  • Program Name

    Tools and methodologies for institutional excellence and quality improvement

  • Duration

    5 days


The extreme competitiveness and harsh conditions surrounding the working environment of this era have made enterprises and firms, whether large or small, old or emerging in formidable and persistent challenges to their existence as well as profits, thus distinguishing the enterprise from its counterparts in the same area has become an urgent need to strengthen their presence in the labor market and can only be achieved through sustained quality improvement policies. In this intensive training course, “Tools for Institutional Excellence and Quality Improvement,” the participant will learn about modern quality concepts, principles, and some of their practical tools and applications that will enable it to improve the quality of its operations so that it can obtain customer satisfaction while reducing costs and thereby increasing profitability and control over larger areas of the market


  • Efficiency strategic
  • Quality strategic approach to meeting the challenges
  • Enhancing the applying of quality and administrative excellence in the work environment
  • The intellectual framework for managing the quality of institutional excellence EFQ:
  • Exceptional performance” as an entry point to the EFQM Excellence Quality: