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  • Program Name

    Simplification of procedures development of working methods

  • Duration

    5 days


Improving and streamlining procedures has a significant direct impact on improving the performance of services and products provided by any company or enterprise, creating and providing any benefit to external or internal clients through such procedures, and the relationship here, if procedures improve, automatically improve services and products so that this gradually reflects positive customer satisfaction. In this course, “Advanced Methodologies for Working Methods Analysis and Design and Simplification of Procedures” applied (70% practical), participants are equipped to master and improve a modern and sophisticated methodology for analyzing, designing and improving procedures, which has the advantage of fast implementation and ease of application, enabling the participant to manage and implement procedures improvement projects with ease and brevity.


  • The concept and importance of streamlining
  • Symptoms and diagnosis of complications of work procedures
  • Stages of applying work systems development and simplifying procedures
  • Use of workflow maps to simplify procedures
  • Humanitarian factors in streamlining work