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  • Program Name

    Executive Diploma for human resources

  • Duration

    6 - 8 months


This program is designed for any individual who wishes to be involved in the vast field of the Human Resources Management, whether it is a fresh graduate, an entry level employee, middle manager or a senior in the field, as this diploma provides the needed knowledge acquisition, skills development and most importantly, the attitude modification. Each module within the diploma is designed to work on the different competencies of the capable Human Resources individual guided by the  global and national standards


  • Create a HR strategy to deliver the right workforce mix for the organization.
  • Define human resources services and implement service level agreements.
  • Provide solid risk identification, analysis, and resolution.
  • Manage recruitment, selection, and induction processes.
  • Determine appropriate strategies to deliver the human resources function.
  • Create and implement strategies that support the workforce during times of change, are suitably diverse, allow for succession planning, and ensure the workplace is an employer of choice.
  • Develop work plans and allocate work and key performance indicators in an efficient, resource-respectful, and outcome-focused manner.
  • Develop and implement employee and industrial relations policies and processes, factoring in legislation, risks, and key stakeholders.
  • Analyze future workforce requirements, Labour market data, and implement a workforce planning strategy to suit your organization’s needs.