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  • Program Name

    Crisis Management Diploma

  • Duration

    35 days


Crisis Management program was designed to provide an interdisciplinary graduate education for persons engaged in or seeking professional careers in crisis, disaster, and emergency management in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Managers and executives at all levels of the organization are paid to manage crises and do so on a daily basis. Their skills are tested to the utmost when they have to manage serious crises that have the potential to disrupt the organization’s income sources, operating expenses, stock price, competitive position and ongoing business


  • The course focuses on All companies face risk. But how they handle those risks—and the cost of handling those risks—can make the difference between an organization that thrives and grows and one that barely hangs on.
  • Proactive risk management need not be complex, overly burdensome, and expensive. But senior management must drive it, and in a way that encourages active participation for the long term.
  • Developments of concepts required for risk based planning and risk management. Objectives of and methods for vulnerability assessment for natural disasters and technological hazards. Risk analysis, risk perception, risk communication and risk mitigation.