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  • Program Name

    Transformational Leadership Post COVID-19

  • Duration

    5 days


People want answers and we all need some good news right now, but it might be best to think of Leadership & Management post COVID-19 in terms of wrestling with several difficult tensions. A recurring theme in these four tensions is the gap at many levels between what might be expected, desired and even necessary and what is likely to be possible with a damaged and fragile economy loaded with public and private debt and inhabited by exhausted and worried people. These tensions can be managed but it will require great leadership.

The Transformational Leadership post COVID-19 training course is designed to provide leaders & managers with the understanding of these four tensions, or aftershocks of COVID-19, and the skills required to meet these challenges. This training course enables leaders and managers to critically explore the key skills needed at a time when the global economy is experiencing post COVID-19 turmoil that is impacting on Governments and Public & Private organizations, big and small, around the world. 


  • Understand their role as a Transformational Leader
  • Explore deeper into the impact of the four tensions of COVID-19
  • Formulate and implement strategies to overcome the tensions in the workplace
  • Demonstrate effective communication to meet the current needs
  • Identify and identify Emotional Intelligence competencies
  • Identify stages of change and explore how to overcome resistance to change