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  • Program Name

    Skills in field leadership and crisis management

  • Duration

    5 days


As their mastermind, leadership is one of the most important actors on the crisis trajectory of organizations. It can make organizations ready and ready to respond efficiently to crises. The role of the Commander in crisis management is highlighted at all stages of the crisis. Prior to the crisis, the Commander will analyses potential risks, assess possibilities and resources and prepare integrated plans to address and overcome the crisis. The crisis phase is the real test of the leader and the plans that have been developed in advance. To the extent that the leader’s pre-crisis effort and planning are well planned, its success in managing the crisis is determined.


  • The overall concept of leadership and management and the determination of the difference between them.
  • Acquisition of Outstanding Leader’s Art
  • Diverse concepts of leadership
  • How to build a successful team
  • Testing your leadership capabilities through global exercises
  • Driving barriers and obstacles and coping mechanisms.
  • Important leadership schools around the world.
  • Driving theories.
  • The Art of Getting Rid of Work Pressures
  • Ways to improve performance
  • Assessment and development of working methods