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  • Program Name

    Leading groups and building entrepreneurship

  • Duration

    5 days


Leading action groups and building a cool spirit, where there is no doubt that the only way to continue to stay in the competition of the era that will never end in the pace of progress in technology is to develop yourself, learn new skills and become a positive and cooperative person, which in one sentence means mutual benefit and never to ask as we answer you, discussing others about new ideas, managing time and planning to reach the goal.
This course therefore aims to highlight the criteria for excellence in management, creativity and innovation in planning and management progress in modern organizations, taking into account not only the experiences and requirements of developed countries in management excellence, but also the creativity and innovation as well as the discussion of development topics contributed by participants in the course


  • Leadership in the Age of Knowledge, Science and Technology
  • Innovative leadership features
  • global and local experiences
  • The role of human material development and excellence in the knowledge age.
  • Areas of excellence through human resources
  • Measuring the ability of human resources to achieve excellence
    Decision-making capabilities
  • Making decisions and solving problems
  • Develop team performance
  • Knowledge of the term goals and outcomes
  • Identifying elements of priorities for action
  • Identification of elements of competence and delegation of authority