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  • Program Name

    Effective administrative communications

  • Duration

    5 days


What do we mean, effective communication?

Communication is simply the process of exchanging information between two or more parties, but effective communication occurs when the right person receives the right information at the right time from the right person

This is where the objective of communication is achieved and made effective, and communications in the organizations are regarded as the electricity with which the organization’s business organs and administrative processes are managed

But to be effective, it has to achieve the result that you expected, or that I contacted others for

It is a fruitful relationship between two parties, one a transmitter and the other a receiver, through some medium, taking care of resonance or feedback


  • Personality and Human Behavior
  • The concept and importance of effective communication
  • Elements of effective communication
  • Connection Success Conditions
  • Most important types of communication
  • Constraints to the communication process
  • Assessment of communication skills