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  • Program Name

    Developing, stimulating and leading a high-performance team

  • Duration

    5 days


This course will provide best practices and methodologies for individual leadership: the key components, what’s the actor leader making? How do you acquire leadership skills? How do you come up with a vision? How do you motivate the people you need? You will learn how to build your team, improve teamwork skills and collaboration, and maintain team performance through continuous learning and improvement. In particular, best practices will be learned to form a team and align individual objectives with those of the group. You will also learn how to define roles, build structures and manage decision-making, so that your team excels.


  • Management skills, effective leadership and leadership personality
  • Building a high-performance team
  • Individual leadership methodologies in the work system
  • Leadership and strategic decision-making
  • Leadership strategies and quality of performance
  • Competencies of Excellence in Task Force Leadership