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  • Program Name

    Communication Strategies to Empower your Professional Career

  • Duration

    5 days


This course presents the full cycle of communication levels- Intra- Personal (with oneself), Inter-Personal (with another Individual) and Inter-Active synergy (with a group of persons). Participants will learn how the brain is constructed, both to receive information, as well as what closes the brain “receptors,” and what opens the brain receptors. A special focus on communication skills and communication tools, will add the cutting edge to powerful and effective team building dynamics which will greatly increase the professional performance of those who attend.


  • Discover what Communication really means
  • See how every area of life is effected by Communication
  • Upgrade their personal communication and presentation skills
  • Apply these learnt principles into their personal and business lives
  • Be able to teach and train others, to be powerfully, effective communicators
  • Know the significance of interpersonal relationship communication