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  • Program Name

    Career planning and job design

  • Duration

    5 days


Career planning and job design aimed at providing participants with knowledge of ways to reduce the ageing of staff experience and skills in the sense that staying in place without training, rotation, transfer or promotion reduces the performance role of the staff member, thereby depriving the enterprise of the exploitation and use of its human resources. Career planning is seen as a means of encouraging individuals to explore and gather information, enabling them to synthesize and acquire competencies, make decisions, set goals and take action. It is a critical phase of human resource development that helps staff to develop a work-life balance strategy


  • The Concept of Job Characterization
  • Duties – powers – responsibilities
  • The elements of the framework and the importance of characterization as a basis for increasing the efficiency of the human component
  • Practical steps for the preparation of the organizational structure and reorganization and its impact on job descriptions and rankings
    Basis and criteria for job analysis and job descriptions in the light of changes in employment structure
  • Performance rates, career decisions and work application problems.
    Scientific bases governing the formation of specific functional groups in organizations
  • Analysis and job descriptions as a basis for individual policies in the project (selection policies, training, incentives…)
  • Analysis, description, ranking and evaluation of jobs as a basis for workforce planning