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  • Program Name

    Business Strategies

  • Duration

    5 days


It aims to promote, develop and consolidate the knowledge of participants and is interested in providing the audience with a comprehensive understanding of the overall strategic and management issues facing business managers in order to develop a creative and systemic approach to business decision-making. As well as providing a basis for further self-development and professional development through the promotion of analytical and critical communication skills. In order to survive, managers may need a good understanding of the work environment in addition to knowing what they really want to achieve, and a clear idea of the direction in which the work must proceed.


  • See how companies adapt their goals and needs to the environment and customer needs
  • Development of goals and targets
  • Examples of work objectives, tasks, and evaluation data
  • Diagnosis of problems and identification of appropriate solutions, especially in the areas of human resources
  • Describe many of the strategies for action and explain the conditions for their operation