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  • Program Name

    Talent Retention Through Remuneration and Training

  • Duration

    5 days


Retention is an important issue in organizations, regardless of whether the economy is declining or booming across all industries and countries. The challenge to retain key talents in order to sustain a competitive advantage preoccupies the minds of many business leaders. Today’s key employees have many employment options. One question that arises in this context is: how can remuneration and training foster employee commitment? Research reveals that, even though pay and benefits count, one cannot depend on money alone to retain talented employees. Among other things, key motivators include an opportunity to learn and grow and recognition of achievement.

This training course will cover various areas such as pay and benefits, but also key motivators, which go beyond money such as training, promotion and transfers. However, sometimes parting from employees is unavoidable. Therefore, this training course also offers advice and guidance on how to manage dismissals fairly and effectively.


  • Understand the key aspects of talent retention
  • More effectively manage Reward systems
  • More effectively design a pay structure
  • Describe the issues to consider when making promotion decisions
  • Describe the methods for enhancing diversity through career management
  • Answer the question: How can career development foster employee commitment?
  • More effectively manage promotions, transfers, retirement, disciplining and dismissal
  • Understand the key aspects of training
  • Have a good understanding how to accurately identify immediate or long term training and development needs