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  • Program Name

    Recruitment, Selection and Retention: Creating a Highly Competent Motivated Workforce

  • Duration

    5 days


This training course is aimed at ensuring the successful delivery of Recruitment and Selection projects / campaigns, which can appear to be very resource hungry and time consuming International companies have found to their cost that inappropriate Recruitment and Selection decisions can create significant problems for the business and the individual. There is empirical evidence that employing the latest Recruitment and Selection techniques will, without a doubt, significantly increase the likelihood of recruiting the best candidates possible.

The Recruitment, Selection & Retention training course will examine real life case studies and examples of the latest techniques, the use of social media, competencies, psychometric testing and behavioral interviewing along with other supporting methodologies and examine the benefits and pitfalls at each step. The training is also designed to transform your approach and competence in recruitment and selection, or career development and appraisal situations.


  • To examine leading edge techniques and develop skill practice in various behavioural based approaches to Recruitment and Selection
  • Discuss potential outcomes and consequences when employing a variety of approaches including social media techniques to recruitment and selection
  • Consider a variety of techniques and methodologies to differentiate the excellent from ‘the average’ candidate using competency frameworks
  • Explore the appropriate use of various psychometric tests including both general ability and personality tests.
  • When to use Myers Briggs (MBTI), Review SHL’s OPQ 32 reporting material including feedback on personality questionnaires
  • Understand the benefits and use of assessment and development centre approaches to test candidates against future job requirements
  • Examine various Emotional Intelligence (EI) tools to test the potential of the candidate(s) including Daniel Goleman’s research and theory
  • Develop your influencing skills by making persuasive presentations of key requirements in planning recruitment / selection campaigns
  • Practice all the techniques to achieve understanding and competence in a friendly and supportive environment