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  • Program Name

    Organization and Relationship Systems in the workplace

  • Duration

    5 days


The workplace is changing at an increasingly faster rate. The Internet, technology, job design, forms of work, employee attitudes and behavior, technology, even artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the very meaning of work. The structure, content, and process of work have changed. Work is no more team-based and collaborative, more cognitively complex and facing change at speed never before witnessed. If an organization is going to prosper over the next decade, it is vital that leaders or all disciplines understand the need to redesign and improve organization and relationship systems in their workplace.

This Organization and Relationship Systems in the Workplace training course will provide a focus on issues about the changing work environment, leading the next generation of workers, and improving workplace relationships and teams. This is a very innovative training course that will add value to the participants, their teams and their organizations.


  • Describe the significant changes impacting on the workplace
  • Discuss ‘best practices’ in teamwork and organizational design
  • Apply knowledge to increase worker retention
  • Differentiate between change management and change leadership
  • Design communication systems to enhance organizational systems