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  • Program Name

    Understanding Safety Critical Elements in Asset Integrity Management

  • Duration

    5 days


Barrier systems are used to protect humans and assets from hazards. These barrier systems may be classified as either active or passive barrier systems, and as physical, technical or human/operational barrier systems. Safety Critical Elements (SCE) are part of these barrier systems to protect against major hazardous events such as fire, explosions, collisions, etc. SCEs prevent, control, mitigate and facilitate safe evacuation from the identified major hazards. This program will employ advanced analytical tools such as Bowtie modelling for modelling preventative and corrective safety barriers for mitigation and response.

The methodology involved risk assessment, major hazard scenario development, SCE identification, establishing a performance standard, developing maintenance, inspection and testing plans, implementing assurance activities and, finally, issuing a key performance indicator.


  • Recognize the fundamentals of asset integrity management and definition ‘safety critical element’ (SCE)
  • Ensure good understanding of hazardous risks
  • Establishing safe procedures for operations and maintenance activities
  • Selecting effective control measures for hazardous risks
  • Establishing effective emergency management plans and emergency response actions