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  • Program Name

    Advanced occupational security and safety planning

  • Duration

    5 days


Safety training is a key element in the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and death. When educated on safety procedures, participants will know how to prevent accidents in the workplace, and will also learn how to respond efficiently if presented with a dangerous situation. Another benefit of safety training is a reduction in accident and incident rates, which reflects favorably on the organization. Safety training is also important because it provides a way for companies to document proof that such training has occurred, protecting it from potential lawsuits involving injuries.


  • Establishment and development of the quality of the occupational health and safety management system
  • Development and development of joint occupational health and safety management arrangements.
  • Establishment and development of risk identification, assessment and control procedures.
  • Assess the sources of information and data on the working environment in order to identify hazardous tasks and conditions.
  • Work environment analysis for risk assessment.
  • Methods of risk assessment.
  • Precautions to avoid risk.
  • Relationship between risks and enterprise policies and procedures.
    Reasons for risk assessment and precautions.
  • Certification methods for risk assessment and precautions