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  • Program Name

    Financial Planning & Analysis: Building a Company's Budget

  • Duration

    5 days


This highly participative training course will look at the Internal Controls environment and the roles of the respective stakeholders in monitoring, evaluating and the implementation of internal controls best practices and the impact thereof on external auditors in audit planning, performance and reporting.

This training course seeks to provide you with the knowledge to understand the Internal Controls environment and the respective roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. By applying this knowledge, you will develop the skill to perform an Internal Controls risk assessment and implement this in your external audit engagement planning and procedures.


  • Understanding the Internal Controls environment
  • Comprehending the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Learning techniques to monitor and evaluate Internal Controls
  • Managing risk and how this impacts operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Appreciating the impact of the controls environment on the external audit
  • Formulating a risk based audit approach