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  • Program Name

    Advanced Applied Data Analysis

  • Duration

    5 days


This training course provides you with the Advanced Data Analysis skills to become an effective Data Analyst capable of making sound investment & financial decisions for your personal and organizational benefit. The training course will improve your ability to plan, monitor and control the performance of your organization and investments. This will strengthen your ability within the workplace, allowing you to understand, produce and evaluate data to support you in your role for the benefit of yourself and your organization.

Delegates will work through practical case studies. With the aid of clear explanations, discussions and detailed material in both hard and soft copy, it will enable you to transfer advanced skills and knowledge to your workplace.


  • Collect, Present, Analyze and Evaluate Data
  • Develop and use Pivot Tables
  • Analyze data using Data Analysis Tools in Excel
  • Perform Linear Regression; Non-linear regression and Multiple Regression using Excel
  • Apply Data Analysis Techniques to improve Project Management
  • Apply Data Analysis Techniques to improve Financial Management