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  • Program Name

    The role of an effective engineering director in engineering management

  • Duration

    5 days


The role of an effective engineering manager in the engineering management of anyone who has the desire and will to improve his/her skills by recognizing the role of an effective engineering manager.
Technological progress is a constant transformation of the way we live and do multiple businesses. Engineering managers have incredible opportunities to play an important role in shaping and developing these technological developments, through the strategic and operational decisions they offer. Engineering manager work to guide the evolution of technology in the production of goods and services that meet the needs of business and society, and to be as effective an engineering manager as possible, they must possess both engineering expertise to understand the technology that is managed alongside skills


  • Engineering management concept.
  • Development of engineering management processes.
  • Who’s the engineering manager?
  • Importance of the work of the Engineering Director
  • Engineering Director’s objectives.
  • Organizations’ need for engineering management
  • Areas of Engineering Manager.
  • A successful manager has high ability and communication skills
  • A successful project manager creates a clear vision and shares it with all the team
  • Successful manager uses modern techniques to manage his projects
  • Enthusiasm and encouragement of others are important qualities
  • Knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of the project