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  • Program Name

    "Real estate property management and development. Real estate appraisal and valuation"

  • Duration

    5 days


  1. Real estate from a scientific perspective
  2. Real estate property management in terms of crisis management
  3. Real estate finance: – Real estate finance system – evaluation and financing – purposes and areas of evaluation
  4. Sales appraisal: real estate appraisal using comparative sales method (previous sales) – real estate appraisal by way of sales, capital income
  5. Models of problems facing real estate residents and their solutions according to international standard requirements
  6. Workshop – on-site practical exercises for some of the available models…
  • Making a practical real estate appraisal for a villa – an apartment
  • Making a practical real estate appraisal of a commercial building
  • Making a practical real estate appraisal for a hotel or hotel apartments


  1. Getting acquainted with the management and development of real property in terms of. (administrative and accounting, Investment, real estate, technical and legal, and crisis management)
  2. Familiarization with the international standard requirements for real estate appraisal work in various ways, namely:
  3. Cost calculations method
  4. Method for Income Capital
  5. C – the income multiplier and the rent multiplier