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  • Program Name

    Contract & Project Management Skills for Non-Professionals

  • Duration

    10 days


Contract & Project Management Skills for Non-Contract Professionals training course seeks to provide you with skills to enhance your understanding of key competencies in relation to contracts and commercial obligations and how projects should be managed. By applying this knowledge to your professional role and the tasks and challenges you face in your work, you will augment your contribution to business contract negotiation and project management and enhance the chances of project success. This practical, intensive 10-day training course gives participants the basic knowledge, processes, skills, tools and techniques recognized as good practices that the contract and project professionals and their teams worldwide use in enhancing the chances of project ss


  • Understand the fundamentals of contracts
  • Identify the fundamental concepts in commercial obligations
  • Learn what variations can be used to reflect differing requirements
  • Understand the jurisdictional variations in international business
  • Identify the degree of convergence is there in international contracts
  • Learn what are some of the usual clauses in contracts
  • Understand how can we identify and manage risk in contracts
  • Obtain a fundamental understanding of basic aspects of managing projects
  • Familiarize and use essential vocabulary and terminology in managing projects and apply basic project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to increase both work efficiency and effectiveness on the project team
  • Plan, organize and control project activities by using proven project management skills of successful projects
  • Learn and implement the five project management process groups to be performed for any project.
  • Identify and understand the ten knowledge areas of project management
  • Realize the importance of both hard skills and soft skills as these are applied to different aspects of successfully managing a project for the project team
  • Learn how to proactively plan, monitor, track, update and control risks and opportunities to increase the probability of project success
  • Manage the on-going needs, concerns and expectations of stakeholders to effectively engaging them in project decisions and execution to support the project’s interests