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  • Program Name

    Basics of Feasibility Studies for Real Estate Projects Program

  • Duration

    5 days


This program will enable participants to learn about:

  1. Technical and environmental study of real estate projects
  2. Preliminary feasibility study “Areas of Study – Elements of the Study”
  3. Guidelines for preparing a feasibility study for real estate projects
  4. Equipment, tools, destinations and how to determine them


1. Getting acquainted with the basics of feasibility studies for real estate projects and their fields, and the details of the preliminary, marketing, technical and environmental studies

2. Modern implementation systems and methods for real estate projects

5. Modern project implementation systems and methods
6.The necessary procedures to start establishing projects (real estate / medium / small)
7. Licensing and administrative procedures: real estate documentation – commercial registry – insurances
8.Economic, Social and Environmental Assessment
9. An applied model for feasibility studies of a tourist village

3. Workshops for some studies of real estate projects and an applied model in this field