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About Us

Who We Are?

“Quodrat” was established to be the strategic and executive arm for building and development of the human capital. It aims to raise the level of performance and competitiveness of the employees by offering various training programs, workshops, specialized seminars and educational events.


Providing individuals and organizations with the latest professional skills and contemporary practices through nontraditional training and development programs that will help them to perform their duties to the fullest capacity and enhancing social partnership and spreading knowledge in all specializations.


Establishing a learning institution where any person can fulfill his educational desires in any study.


  • Excellence and innovation.
  • Continuous learning.
  • Commitment and respect.
  • Openness and flexibility.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness.


  • Delivering the latest trends in the fields of training & development through the multiplicity of training program
  • Building & developing the skills of individuals & companies to meet their needs according
  • Providing managerial solutions in all areas
  • Spreading the concept of the importance of training & development & its impact on the performance of individuals & institutions.
  • Spreading the ideas of continuing education between individuals and companies.

A Word From Us

We are pushing boundaries in the pursuit of excellence.

At our premises we are continuously adopting various contemporary approaches whether for general training programs, continuing educational programs or even management consultations. We collaborate with various educational institutions globally in order to achieve our motto that is”Establishing a learning institution where any person can fulfill his educational desires in any study.

Thank you for choosing us, we are here for you.

’’Quodrat Team’’

Prof. Dr. M. AmrSadik

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer