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Master Board Game

žA powerful learning tool that develops leadership knowledge and skill on several levels.

žCreates a highly effective learning experience in leadership.

žMBG offers opportunities to better understand and practice the leadership skills of:

  1.Decision Making.

  2.Team Building.



  5.Resource Utilization.

  6.Motivation .

  7.Risk Taking.

  8.Conflict Management .

  9.Power Influence.

  10.Group Dynamics.

Execution Framework :

– Duration: 6-8 hours per day (can be implemented on two days).

– Number of groups: 4 groups.

– Number of individuals in the group:

   – Typical number: 9 individuals in the group (36 participants).

   – Minimum: 6 individuals in the group (24 participants).

– Action Steps: 8 specific steps with instructions for all groups.

– Tools: Specific tools are provided for each step.

Results & Reports:

By the end of the MBG simulation, the winning team is announced with a presentation of all results for each team, including a presentation of the successes and failures of each team as well as the lessons learned from the simulation and their relationship to the work nature of the participants.

A report can be made for each team and how it can be assisted in the future to achieve the objectives set by giving some recommendations and proposals which can be considered as a tool for identifying needs training and skills development for those groups.


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