“Quodrat” is one of the Investments for the Holding Company for Construction and Development

Who We Are ?

Quodrat” is the strategic and executive arm for building and development of the human capital. It aims to raise the level of performance and competitiveness of the employees by offering various training programs, workshops, specialized seminars and educational events.

Our Vision

To establish a new and unconventional approach to training, development and continuous learning that allows anyone to develop himself to be able to compete in the market and reach his personal ambitions.

Our Mission

Providing individuals and organizations with the latest professional skills and contemporary practices through nontraditional training and development programs that will help them to perform their duties to the fullest capacity and enhancing social partnership and spreading knowledge in all specializations.

Our Objectives

  • Delivering the latest trends in the fields of training and development through the multiplicity of training programs.

  • Building and developing the skills of individuals and companies to meet their needs.

  • Providing managerial solutions in all areas.

  • Spreading the concept of the importance of training and development and its impact on the performance of individuals and institutions.

  • Spreading the idea of continuing education between individuals and companies.

Our Values

  • Excellence and innovation.

  • Continuous learning.

  • Commitment and respect.

  • Openness and flexibility.

  • Diversity and inclusiveness.

Why Us

Who has no history has no present or future.  Whereas we have nearly four decades in the field of construction and development on which the human capital development system has been built on as we have the knowledge and expertise that enable us to find solution in our fields.

Moreover, we believe in the value of teamwork and its importance in the success of all kinds of business, so we collaborate with many local, regional and international organizations in the field of education, and training.

Our Main Activities

Quodrat” activities are classified into three main activities:-

  • Assessments :

    • Leadership and Managerial skills.

    • Measuring Commercial skills.

    • Personality Analysis.

    • Learning Styles Indicator.

  • Training and Continuous Learning :

    • Managerial & Supervisory Training.

    • Technical Training :

      • Engineering Programs.

      • Vocational Programs.

    • Specific and Professional Tracks.

    • Technological Training.

  • Managerial Consultations

Our Approach

Caring for our customers in terms of:

  • Needs Analysis.

  • Designing appropriate solutions.

  • Developing solutions according to the requirements.

  • Application and implementation of the solutions.

Our Branches

Main Office: Nasr city , Cairo , Egypt .

Badr Academy : Behira (from Cairo-Alex Desert Road) .

Training center for IT programs: Down Town -Ramses Street, Cairo , Egypt.

Board Members

Name Position
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Zamel Chairman
Dr. M. Amr Sadik Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Medhat Al-Madany Board member
Eng. Ahmed Farghali Board member
Eng. Fawzy Eita Board member
Mrs. Randa Anwar Board member
Mr. Hany Mohamed Ibrahim Secretary of Board meetings